Smart Jigsaw Light is a kind of lamp which can be spliced freely , just like playing with building blocks . Using lamps to splice different patterns, through the mobile App control , the jigsaw light can achieve more than 16 million color changes, light with music rhythm , color selection by shooting ,etc .Smart Jigsaw Light can meet the needs of lighting, decoration and entertainment at one time.

智能拼接积木灯,是一种可以自由拼接的灯具。就像玩积木一样。用积木灯拼接不同的图案,通过手机APP控制, 可以实现1600万颜色变化,音乐律动,拍摄取色等多种功能,一次性满足照明、装饰、娱乐需求。

1. Each lamp is a separate LED module, and the controller and LED module can be connected through the connector. The lamp can be spliced into different patterns and then wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth pass-through and mobile App. You can choose static monochrome, adjustable speed and LED brightness, and achieve changes such as gradual change, jump, horse race, strobe, etc . It is also possible to generate a corresponding analog LED jump according to the input audio/music rhythm, thereby generating a dynamic LED effect that changes with the music spectrum.

2, the lamps can be repeatedly disassembled, spliced into a new pattern.

3, The smart jigsaw light can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office, school, hotel, store, bar ,etc .It can be used as lighting, as a decoration, but also as a jigsaw puzzle.

1、每个灯为单独的LED模块,可以通过连接件,把控制器、LED模块连接起来,拼接成不同的图案, 然后通过蓝牙透传和手机App实现无线控制。可以选择静态单色、可调变化速度、LED亮度,实现渐变、跳变、跑马、 频闪.....等变化效果。 还可以能根据输入的音频/音乐的节奏产生对应的等比LED跳跃,以此产生随音乐频谱变幻的动感LED效果


3、积木灯可以摆设在客厅、卧室、办公室、学校、酒店、商店、酒吧等场所, 既可作为照明灯具,又可以作为装饰,还可以作为智力玩具。